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ZeroTek aka MinoZero was born in Brindisi in the south of Italy in 1981.He started to listen music in 1995 when his friends take him same music tapes of hip hop artist like Wu tang Klan,Jeru De Damaja,Gran Master Flex,Public Enemy.After he start to listen and play only with turntables and cdjs many kinds of music:rap(Sangue Misto & Mobb Deep),reggae(Sizzla & Bounty Killer),acid(Curley & Paul Birken),techno(Plastickman & Carl Cox),house(Vega & David Morales),break and beat(Stanton Warrions & Plump djs) and expecially tekno tribe(Fky & Banditos).In 2000 he go to Bologna and he started to produce the music that he had listen.He used hardware(like groovebox and synth)and software (like Vst and Pc Laptop)instruments to compose his music...
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