Micha Moor (foto)
NaamMichael Moor
Genresclub, electro, house
To have the world's best DJs and producers play your record is no mean feat. How's this for an impressive fan base? Moby, Armand, Tiesto and Guetta. Just to name a few of the mixmeisters who have played Micha Moor's electro house single 'Space' in their own sets. Indeed the track shot into the stratosphere of club culture, reaching number one on all the relevant international dance charts and topping Germany's Beatport listing for weeks running.

Micha Moor's followup singles 'Close Your Eyes', 'Tonight' and 'Learn To Fly' were also chart favourites, each nestling nicely in the German top ten and burning dancefloors the globe over.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 4 augustus 2017: Beach Party Bocholt, Damburg, Bocholt
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