NaamDaniel SilVa & Fernando Guerreiro
FunctieDJ, groep
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Reason Freaks aka Daniel SilVa 28 years and Fernando Guerreiro 29 years.
They were born in Portugal and music was always part of their life.
Daniel lived in Porto and Fernando in Lisbon and only met in belgium in 2009. In Portugal they started going to Psytrance parties very young and there was born a taste for mixing art . In 2009 when Fernando arrived to Belgium he met Daniel and they began to go to parties togheter.
They met a lot of people togheter and one day in one party one friend listened one of the sets they made and likes much their style Night Full On. They was invited to make part of one Belgium Label,ATSUKO PROJECT from Liege-Luik...

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Laatste feest was op donderdag 28 augustus 2014: Psy-Fi, De Groene Ster, Leeuwarden
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