NaamEnrico Bozzato & Martin Romeo & Mauro Martinuz
Functielive act, groep
Genresambient, techno


Air Protection Office is an electronic music project born in Berlin in 2011, from the collaboration between Enrico Bozzato and Mauro Martinuz. A.P.O doesn't fit into any of the strictly defined music genre, it's an "open project".
Enrico Bozzato (Bos), born and raised in North Italy, is the main producer. He is a composer, sound designer, installation artist and audiovisual performer. After attending a technical school (Electronics and Telecommunications) he decided to deepen his interests in Visual arts attending the University of Visual and Preforming Arts in Venice (Italy). There he took part at courses that allowed him to pursue his interests and try new approaches in the sound and visual areas...

Uitgaansagenda Air Protection Office

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 1 november 2013: Anaphase, Urban Spree, Berlijn
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