foto Nash
NaamNick den Dekker
Geboortedatum16 oktober


When you talk about a MC who knows how to get the crowd crazy and how to tear the roof off, you're obviously talking about MC Nash. Nash has it all: amazing skills, never ending energy and turn up.

MC Nash, born as Nick den Dekker (1994), is on his way to reach the top since he was 18 years old. He is working together with DJ's like: Lady Bee, DYNA and Freddy Moreira. He brings the vocals in his own style. He feels the vibe of the crowd, and he knows how to combine 'party' and 'entertainment' together. Nobody can keep their hands down!

His style is exclusive, hard and over the limit! Combining all these skills makes the DJ-set even better. Your ears want more when MC Nash has the microphone in his hands.