NaamMark Scud
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
partyflock Ncrypta (3 jul 2016)
Combine raw synth-sounds and hard kicks and you will get the key to the dark tune from the encrypted fourth dimension.

With an age of 12, Ncrypta came in contact with Hardcore Techno. From this time on, he was infected by the harder sound. He started his first steps of producing with an age of 18 and grind his talent as a raw diamond to find his unique sound.
2 Years ago, Mark decided to produce hardstyle and found his own style on the raw side. After his signing at the end of 2012 on Hard Music Records, the scene will be flooded with ass-kicking tracks and distorted noises in the future.

Many projects are in progress and we are looking forward to get an insight into the world of madness.
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