foto Rex Mundi
NaamBoy Hagemann
Genresprogressive trance, trance


Boy Hagemann started producing music on his computer while his friends practiced in local rock bands. He was fascinated about the sounds that could be created using just a computer, He sometimes skipped college to have fun with his music.After some time a friend noticed what Boy had achieved thus far. He introduced him to a local radio dj who had a dance show. From here on, Boy developed his sound more and more. Boy Hagemann met Robin "Jaydee" Albers on one of the parties that was held by the radio show.Robin Albers spotted the talent in Boy and offered him a record deal. Meanwhile Boy kept shaping his sounds to the limits. Not much later Robin asked him to remix his classic Plastic Dreams for Positiva...

Uitgaansagenda Rex Mundi

Laatste feest was op donderdag 22 juni 2017: Luminosity Beach Festival, Vroeger, Bloemendaal aan zee