NaamKevin Ajubi
partyflock Laizo (12 jul 2016)
Kevin 'Laizo' Ajubi, is a young DJ/Producer from Veendam, The Netherlands. At the age of 15, Laizo was already a DJ in clubs and at party's. Real soon he was discovered and After only performing as a DJ, Laizo started to focus on producing his own music under influence of Trap music.

Laizo started making his own music in 2014. Already he was cooking beats with a twist of EDM and sounds that people never heard before. 'The up tempo with the crazy sounds... It was a new thing and a different thing to get used to'. Laizo also started to study SoundDesign that year.

In 2014 Laizo ended up with Cesqeaux in the studio and had the honor in 2015 to follow an internship at Cesqeaux. After that Laizo started to move fast forwards.
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