NaamTim Schoenmakers
FunctieDJ, producer, live act
Genresminimal, techhouse, techno
From funky to groovy in the studio or on stage Tim always brings something original. Self composed live played baselines and synts are a strong factor in his productions and form him is unmistakable sound.
As an Live-Act Tim really controls the music and remixes tracks on the fly. His non preprogrammed live sets give a lively journey through tonality and bring the room together. It's like a symphony of parts/elements, baselines, beats, melodies, percussion sampled of the newest releases in his studio. This gives an immense freedom in musical direction and brings something new to the live spectrum. Tim truly shapes the music to the moment and can go especially responsive to the crowd when playing live!
In 2008, Tim Deetakt joined team with C.O.R...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 17 november 2017: Static, Azijnfabriek, Roermond
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