Be Svendsen
15 december 2017
Functie26 × live act, DJ
HerkomstDenemarken Denemarken
Genresdisco, techno


2014 was the year that electronica's cognoscenti fell for Be Svendsen. Following the success of live performances at Fusion and BOOM, the Danish musician has become a treat on the global festival scene and proponent of a uniquely organic, genre-bending sound that could best be described as 'Tarantino Techno'.

Rather like Tarantino, Svendsen's art has the distinction of being rooted in both the familiar and the obscure. The playful and the ironic. His is an alluring fusion of syncopated beats, rendered vocals, world-music, a-typical sampling and live instrumentals, synthesised by the mediative qualities of repetition.

A borrower, an inventor and an art-chemist. He plays first from the soul. He is a warm outsider in a psychedelic bowler-hat. His music, an audial rendition of the memories of his own shamanic vision quest. Your ears are to be led by a naive melody up some curious audio-ornamental highway. Your expectations as listener, deliberately, mindfully overthrown.

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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 28 juli 2022: The Monastery, Kloster Graefenthal, Goch
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