Functierapper, groep
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genreship hop
In 1993, years before anyone told ya' to "get up off them goddamn diamonds", South Jamaica, Queens, craziest Bal-Hed sons,ONYX, were already busy takin' some of the Golden Era's loot and running with it to new heights, stamping the term "hardcore" in its darkest terms upside hip hop's head with their seminal, trailblazing platinum debut, Bacdafucup.

The iconic cover image of four bald, angry-lookin' niggas, their legendary "MadFace" logo, a shoulder-strapped automatic and a menacing boot-tread took rap to a world that could "Slam" in an era where even looking at someone wrong at a rap show could get you gone. Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, SonSee and the late brother Big DS didn't break the rules: they scared them the fuck away.
Amerikaanse rapgroep ONYX toegevoegd aan line-up hiphopfestival Boogiedown · 7 augustus 2018
Boogiedown viert op 1 september haar tienjarig festivaljubileum in poppodium Effenaar te Eindhoven. De Amerikaanse rapgroep ONYX vervangt hoofdact Joyner Lucas, die vanwege medische redenen zijn gehele Europese tour heeft moeten cancelen. Overige grote namen die optreden zijn o.a. Slum Village en Fashawn uit de VS, en de Nederlandse artiesten Fresku & MocroManiac, Donnie, ANBU, Ares en Pietju Bell.
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