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NaamTwan Robbers
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My name is Twan Robbers and I live in The Netherlands.
When I was 12, I started to create my own taste in music. I started to listen to Trance, and my big hero of that genre was Tiësto.
I noticed that I like the parts with a lot of bass better, then the parts that didn't had them.

At that time Youtube became a hype (it was not that big back then), and I started to search for songs with a lot of bass.
I found songs like: "Zanza" from Zanzalabs, "The Power of the Mind" of Headhunterz, and"Crump" and "Reinforce" by the Noisecontrollers.
It was those songs that made me fall in love with Hardstyle.
Now, at the age of 21, I'm typing this while I'm listening to Hardstyle, and when a good part comes by, I wave my hands like a maniac =)
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