Nathan Surreal (foto)
NaamNathan Gabor
Genresdeephouse, techhouse, techno
When balancing on the edge of reality, you can see much further into the abstract, surreal world of your mind. This world has always been the incentive for Nathan Surreal to explore the deep ends of music and art. To avoid the obvious, search for the unexpected and to create a provocative illusion. With a sound best described as experimental house and techno, consisting of deviating rhythms, hypnotic structures and deep grooves. Nathans music has an obvious African character, influenced by the early (deep)house and techno from Chicago and Detroit. When he first started out with music, he was into experimental hip-hop. As time went by, he found his true passion in house and (dub)techno.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 22 oktober 2017: Kommune x Biologic Records, Oosterbar, Amsterdam
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