foto The Stress
NaamDiederick van den Ende
Genresdisco, electro


The Stress is the musical alter ego of Dutch DJ Diederick van den Ende, offering the latest in indietronic disco and alternative dance.

In 2011, Diederick founded Vossenfeest, a Kitsuné-inspired party in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Sunday-afternoon initiative proved to be a success and quickly became the launchpad for his DJ-career.

Since then, The Stress played at some of the best indie-dance and nu-disco gigs in the Netherlands, ranging from Blockparty (Club Up, Amsterdam) to Club Rivièra (Tivoli, Utrecht).
Besides playing with artists such as Mmoths and Blood Diamonds, The Stress went international in 2013, playing gigs at Version Originale (Au Dandy, Paris) and Lolita (Razzmatazz, Barcelona), among others.