Gerald Henderson (foto)
NaamGerald Henderson
Genreshouse, techhouse, tribal house
Gerald Henderson is one of the growing talented producer from France.
From his multicultural background, various travels and experiences abroad, and his decade into electronic music, he soaked up sounds from many genres and cultures even though what defines him most are bongos, toms, latin and tribal rythmics, festive congas mixed with intoxicating melodies.
You will find some of his productions on various labels such as: Nervous Records, Twisted (USA), Kult, Stereo Productions, Pacha Rec, 4Kenzo, Nirvana Recordings, Housesession, Vamos Music, Floorplay, Matinée…. just to name a few. These productions have received great support from top artists like: Dj Chus, Hollen, Rob Mirage, Supernova, Dj Boris, Sabb, Gregor Salto...
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