B-for (foto)
NaamDimitri Kersbeeck
Genresfrench tek
Dimitri Kersbeeck, better known as B-For, started producing at the age of 15.
After years of practice and hard work, dj's Wacko & Teka B discovered this talented boy in 2009. After a few solo tracks & collabs, he finally released his first ep with Teka B on Wacko's label called Subsonic Muzik. But after a couple releases like B-For & Friends ep & Bounce, he decided that Subsonic Muzik wasn't really his thing and he officially left Subsonic Muzik in May 2011. A very difficult year came up and with some personal problems B-For didn't produce much. Although Teka B asked him to join the Fresh Beats label back in 2011, it took a while before he actually decided to do it...
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B-For - Untitled (demo)
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