NaamMousa Elhabchi & Nabil Kerkoub
FunctieDJ, groep
Mousa, Mousa Elhabchi
Nabil, Nabil Kerkoub
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This very house friendly concept started 4 years ago at the club Creamm in Haasdonk for an intimite audience with 400 partyheads, but quickly grew to attract many people. They started touring at the biggest clubs all over the country (Culture club, la Gomera, Cream, Noxx, La Rocca) and proved to be a succes everywhere the concept went.

With their happy grooves and sunshine rhythm they lift you up to another level in happiness. In short, the Disco Dasco concept is a hit! It's a ruthless attack on all your senses... No mercy!... Be prepared for mayhem...Get loaded! Get into the groove! Get Disco Dasco!...
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