Tom Tom (foto)
NaamTom Buckley
Genresacidtechno, hardtechno, techno
Cork native "TomTom" is known in Irish techno circles for his diverse style of techno. Expect the unexpected as TomTom can play from hard to funky styles of Techno.

He has held residencies as far away as the legendary "Swarm Industries" which is Sydney's longest and most respected Techno event. It was here where Tom Tom really learnt his trade supporting names like Speddy J, Dave the Drummer and Chris liberator on a weekly basis. Due to his solid sets in Sydney TomTom was invited to play his first Festival @ Enchanted Forest in Adelaide. He was also invited to play Spice nightclub in Bangkok.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 29 mei 2015: Hard Mafia, Panama, Amsterdam
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