NaamRobby Krist
Lid van groepAlive
With lyrical skills and energetic voice; Robbie Rise can make any party rise up to another level.

Everything started in 2008 at a club in Eindhoven where he MC'd with the Dutch DJ La Fuente. About that same time he started a new House concept named 'Housetrippers'. With a residency at his own concept he developed his talent in bringing parties to a higher level by supporting the deejays. At this time his talent as a real crowd hyper had not gone unnoticed. In the years that followed other organizations started to book Robbie Rise and gave him the opportunity to perform with many great deejays. He shared stages with the likes of: Avicii, Felix da Housecat, Afrojack, DaDa Life, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Lucien Foort, and Hardwell.
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