foto E-Raizer
NaamTim Jansen
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
partyflock ' Timm || E-Raizer (13 mei 2017)


On the first of October 1989 a little baby was born with an immense love for music. From the first day he was "making" music. In the early days it wasn't more then screaming and shouting, but when he got older, his taste of music started to evolve.

Around the age of 7, he came in touch with the hardcore sound, dancing in front of the tv as a little boy was all he wanted to do. After a few years he switched from genres and was discovering other types of music, Rock, Rap, House, everything passed on and finally he returned to the hardcore sound. A few years later he started listening to hardstyle aswell.
22 februari 2014
Foto's, Freestyle Rockerz, 22 februari 2014, Platinum, Arnhem

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moiet je draaien ja zterdag miss kom ik vene kijkje nemen man zie je misss zaterdag heb je la lang niet meer gezien
Sow das lang geleden alles goed dan