foto PRDX
NaamSander Pouwelse & Fer van Rijswijk
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
partyflock PRDX (19 apr 2016)


Melody's, good feeling, fat bass and happy faces. Those are the key points that PRDX will bring with their music. Combined with fat kicks they bring drive and energy to your speakers and the stage!

PRDX started as a Hardstyle dj duo back in 2008. Back then Hardstyle was growing fast, they fell instant in love with this kind of hard dance music. With appearances on festivals such as Defqon 1., Intents Festival, Decibel Outdoor, Hard Island, Electrobeach Music Festival and a few hundred other gigs, the crowd knows that they will get an energetic act behind the booth.

After a few years of hard work in the studio, things fall into place. They found their own sound and are now ready to fight theirselves in to the hardstyle scene.
3 november 2012
Foto's, Fusion, 3 november 2012, SportArena, Oisterwijk

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In de eivissa waren ze erg goed! zie jullie snel
:[ ;­D MarcoT­erreur :rot:
Goede artiesten ze komen er wel goed begin bij Fusion 2012 benieuwd hoe jullie het bij Intents gaan doen :)