Re-volt (foto)
NaamMarc Mertens
FunctieDJ, producer
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
Re-Volt consists out of 2 Belgian rebels : Marc Mertens & Bart Leroy. Marc stands most in the picture as he is the deejay / front man of the project.

Both Marc and Bart are very talented producers and the masterminds behind Re-Volt. They are the first Belgian project to be signed on one of the world's best hard dance record labels!

Besides being supported by the cream of the crop (Headhunterz / Coone / B-Front / Zany and many more), their tracks have drawn a lot of attention and have been hitting the hardstyle charts very hard.

Taking stage performances to the next level, Re-Volt's sets are injected with the finest euphoric ingredients and build up to a climax with highly energetic sounds to create the perfect state of mind!
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Party agenda Re-volt
Laatste optreden was op donderdag 24 december 2015: Conquest, Highstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten
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Je draaide echt goed op Dream Village!!
Niet voor niets resident op Conquest!

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On a dark and soundless day, in the autumn of 2009, a new hardstyle phenomenon was born on Belgium soil.­ Injected with musical madness and loaded with bass frequencies this new project gloriously came to life: Re-Volt.­

Re-Volt consists of producer Bart Leroy and dj/producer Marc Mertens.­ Being influenced by dance music from an early age, their ambition to be amongst the best hardstyle producers grows every day.­ Bart, born in Brussels, has always had a passion for electronic music.­ Fascinated by Audio Engineering, the urge to expand his knowledge in music resulted in exploring the ever evolving hardstyle scene.­ Marc, born in Antwerp, developed his interest in dance music in the early nineties.­ Being a talented dj, his passion for electronic music spreads as a virus, infecting every crowd with the urge to dance.­

Re-Volt is the first Belgian act to release on Fusion Records.­ Their track ‘Invictus’ demonstrates a massive power that simply belongs to a label that is known for it’s innovating hardstyle sound.­ Some see it as a rebellion, we see it as Re-Volt!
Deze jongens gaan nog ver komen... valt wel in mijn stijltje! :)
wooow Rush is echt heerlijk :)
Rush en Invictus zijn echt hard! Hopelijk komt deze DJ met meer van zulke nummers!
je draaide aardig hard op dreamvillage! Voor een belg zijnde