Mick Roxx (foto)
NaamMickey Meijer
FunctieDJ, producer
Genresclassics, dancehall, eclectic, house, reggae, urban
partyflock Mick Roxx (26 feb 2012)
Mickey Meijer, better known as Mick Roxx, started 8 years ago with listening to, and playing with music. He is a 24 year old guy born and raised in the Netherlands. For his music he used a tape recorder and a turntable at home. Mickey grew up in Holland with a variety of different styles and types of music. Besides his daily schoolwork, Mickey also worked at a populair jeans store where he played his own music. From there on soon came the first appearences of Mickey and that's how his own name immediately grew out into 'Mick Roxx'. In the beginning of his career he played his music at several occasions like birthday parties, weddings, in clubs and at festivals in the Netherlands...
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Party agenda Mick Roxx
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 24 november 2018: I Love House Music, Corneel, Lelystad
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