NaamDennis van Luttikhuizen
AliassenDan L, Hardnoiser, Harry Porno
Genresdarkcore, dubstep, hardtechno, industrial hardcore
partyflock DAN L-HOUSE (2 jul 2010)
Other times, other stylez. Truely a new era. Nowadayz it's not about being hardcore or not. No, times are changing and so are the partypeople with it.
With this great shiver in the harder dance scene to take place, DJ Hardnoiser decited to start with some other darker stylez (again). Some that he has turned before, some new. Also this new artistproject needed a new name.

NATHANIEL is here and he's here to stay. 2012 is the beginning of a new era playing styles like dubstep, hardtechno, subground (???yeah you believe it, subground is a very new style, just only now to be produced by DJ Activator, but I know it will grow fast), moombahcore, hardclassics and industrial hardcore.
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