Gunman & Judah (foto)
NaamFrank Raes & Carlos Michielsen
FunctieDJ, groep
Gunman, Frank Raes
Judah, Carlos Michielsen
Genresdrum & bass
Gunman & Judah are the young guns behind City Flow, currently making international debuts behind the decks from New York & Toronto to all around the UK to Ibiza and Berlin to name a few.

City Flow is a new school established drum&bass event based in Antwerp, infamous for its daring and exciting line ups. City Flow is well excited for the future with additionally the mother chapter of Gunman & Judah's label Gun Audio, a new series of event productions around the globe, an exclusive collaboration with Random Concept (#1 UK drum&bass promotor) & having all their own events broadcasted live on UK's finest Rough Tempo, plus so many more beautiful things, these boys are setting a new standard for new generation drum&bass music.
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