NaamRoy Holleman
Lid van groepToxiccore Warriors
Genreshardcore, industrial hardcore, terror
Gekoppelde leden (zichtbaar voor beheerders)
Roy Holleman, better known as Toxic Inside has been extremely passionate about music since the
age of 9. Roy is well known for his outrageous mash-ups and his unique style of performing. There
are more than one hundred and have been played at several gigs and radio stations. Next to the mash-ups ToXic Inside produces his own tracks with a unique sound he likes to call 'ToxicCore".
In 2015 Roy performed at his first festival gig at Together We Are Hardcore Festival.
Exclusive 2 hours sets are provided by the ToxicCore Warriors. Together with Toxic Inside, ToxicCore Warriors stands not only for a special performance, but for a whole experience.
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goeie kerel goeie dj een top gozer
*~Sjellie Mauw#*
Wat een super set! De klapper van twisted b Day bash!! :banana: :cheer:

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