ToXic Inside
24 april 2020
NaamRoy Holleman
Functie149 × DJ
Lid van groepToxiccore Warriors
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genreshardcore, industrial hardcore, speedcore, terror
partyflock #ImNotToXicInside (22 apr 2020)


Roy Holleman, better known as Toxic Inside has been extremely passionate about music since the age of 9. Roy is well known for his outrageous mash-ups and his unique style of performing. There are more than one hundred and have been played at several gigs and radio stations. Next to the mash-ups ToXic Inside produces his own tracks with a unique sound he likes to call "ToxicCore".

In 2015 Roy performed at his first festival gig at Together We Are Hardcore Festival. Exclusive 2 hours sets are provided by the ToxicCore Warriors. Together with Toxic Inside, ToxicCore Warriors stands not only for a special performance, but for a whole experience.

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goeie kerel goeie dj een top gozer
Wat een super set! De klapper van twisted b Day bash!! :banana: :cheer:

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:[ ;D MarcoTerreur :rot:
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