NaamRobin van den Heuvel
Genreshouse, pop, urban
Lennoz's hobby began in 2009 with his first turntable and mixer.
He immediately got the hang of it.
He put some mixtapes online and people started asking him to play at private parties.

At the end of 2009 he entered a dj contest.
He won and got the opportunity to play at diversity, his first festival.

Februari 2010 he was asked for an audition at a local bar in antwerp, later on he was hired as a resident dj.
he could weekly perform there and that way he coauld show people the result of what he had been doing the last 2 year.

Lennoz was asked to play at a discotheque for the first time in august 2010.
a very big step but it only convinced him more to give everything he had to give and become the best.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 30 juni 2017: Zomerfest, Sportvelden KFC Brecht, Brecht
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