Tali (foto)
NaamNatalia Sheppard
FunctieMC, zangeres
Genresdeephouse, drum & bass, house, techhouse, techno
Tali is internationally renown as one of the most prolific Female MC/Vocalists to emerge from the Electronic Dance music scene - particularly for her work and groundbreaking achievements within Drum n Bass.
After moving from NZ to the UK in 2001 to pursue a career in MCing and Drum n Bass music, She went on to work with some of the genres biggest names, including being signed to Drum n Bass legend Roni Size's 'Full Cycle' Imprint in 2004 and releasing the first ever MC driven album in Drum n Bass.('Lyric On My Lip')
Tali has with worked with some of the biggest names in DnB and toured the world several times over as both an MC and with a live band...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 2 november 2018: 50Hurtz × Major League, Melkweg, Amsterdam
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