Match Hoffman (foto)
NaamChristian Jansen
Match Hoffman, is a talented DJ and producer, who devotes his body and soul to the music. He not only loves music, he lives music. 1995 Match starts spinning records and he lose hisself in his passion as a DJ. With his specific sound, which can be described as grooviy Deep-House, he really fires the party freaks up and celebrates wildly with the audience. When Match stands behind the turntables, everybody can hear, see and feel that the musican put his whole heart into it. His goal is to touch the people deeply with his music, makes they happy. 1999 the desire to show his emotion also in his own productions becomes oversized, so that Match starts with producing...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 3 november 2012: Alpha Pioneer Festival, Sport & kongresshalle, Schwerin
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