Elton Jonathan
2 december 2013
NaamElton Jonathan Kroon
Functie235 × MC, 104 × zanger
HerkomstNederland Nederland


Elton Jonathan Kroon (MC/vocalist) has been brought up with music as his parents are from the Dutch Antilles and both played in a band with salsa and merengue influences. This musical flow was passed on to the brothers Kroon pretty early and got Elton to sing for three years in the R&B group Sat-r-day. This band was started by his brother Mitch Crown in 1995. The group also featured the well known MC I-Fan and brought these music professionals to clubs all over Europe. In 2005 Elton went solo and started singing in different cover bands, performing soul & rock tunes which really flow well with his excellent voice. He also started singing in the Dutch theatre production 'Hits Around The Clock.'

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2 augustus 2014
Foto's, Dance Boulevard, 2 augustus 2014, De Boulevard, Bergen op Zoom