Wolffman (foto)
NaamJerry Wolff
FunctieDJ, producer
AliasJerry Foxx
Genreshouse, progressive, techhouse
SiteSite djwolffman.com
BoekingenSite wemusiccompany.com
Mr Wolffman the 'Multi Media Artist' is one of the top songwriters/producers of the Netherlands.

This incredible Piano Player, DJ, Producer & Businessman is also the frontman of Wemusic Company and thru the years he produced about 200 Top 100 music quotations and several Top 10 hits for well-know artists before deciding stepping into the footlights himself.

Nowdays Wolffman is besides producing music as a Club DJ & Radio Host also very succesful.
Wolffman's innovated DJ-set can be described as Eclectic with Disco, Latin House, Tech House & Urban influences.
Wolffman is also the founder of the Wethouse & Red Carpet events.
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