foto Sidecore
NaamAnton Schra
AliasHollands terreur
Genresdarkcore, early hardcore, early rave, frenchcore, hardcore, hardstyle, industrial hardcore, oldschool, speedcore, tekno, terror


Anton was born on 20 july 1984 .as soon he was 12 he got his first set of turntables .then he knew instantly that he want to be a dj in the hardcore scene .and so it happens he baught his first set of records and he played ant practized at home a short time he had his first gig 2000 ...and made himself .. then he performed in local clubs in his place of hes on stage with a lot of own trax and he s seen a lot o people sharing the same love for music ....he made loads o trax and now 14 years later he can say he mixed his own trax what he produces himself dj sidecore tattood on his arm he wil never surrender ...always live for the hardcore scene ....i can tell a lot about myself ...but u should book him...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 28 december 2013: Volle Gaas, Le Village, Montfort
29 oktober 2011
Foto's, Raw Generation, 29 oktober 2011, Broadway, Erp

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MC M-Core
This guy is one hell of a producer!!!!And a great dj with many playing skills!!!!This guy knows how to rock the stage!!!!With the fast beat en the darkness sound!!!!He will show you the meaning of real Hardcore!!! keep the bass rocking mate :respect:
:respect: he knows how it must done! :respect:

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mop, veel suc6 bij Uhf Events ;)

Hey kerel klopt het dat jij nog VIP kaarten voor decibel hebt? zo ja hoeveel wil je ervoor hebben ?