Riley Reeves (foto)
NaamStanley Martir
AliasStanley Martir
AffiliatieUntamed Artists
Riley Reeves, born on the 24th of june 1987.
Riley started making music at the age of 15. At the age of 22 he started to produce music for himself. Due to the many contacts he made with several Dj's, he started to expend his musical tastes.
Now Riley has grown as an artist that many people and fellow Dj's describe as the perfect Dj too start a party with.
with his uplifting beats that households a lot of percussion and drums, he always sets the mood right.
whenever its in a club or a big festival,he always finds a way to get the people going.
One of the biggest gigs Riley did was Bloemendaal XXL.
The massive lineup said it all,and a dream came true.
Playing alongside Dj's like: Leroy Styles,Gregor Salto,Shermanology and Quintino...
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