Smash & Aries
5 mei 2011
NaamGilbert Capricorne & Aries Sporkslede
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HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genreseclectic, urban


Most party people might already know DJ Smash (Parker) & MC Aries.

When they join forces in the club they have a direct connection with the crowd, so they have the key to tear the roof off.

This is how it started…

MC Aries started as a rap artist doing his thing at lots of big events, though he wasn't just a rapper. ARIES was a host at lots of radio shows as well. He also hosted at lots of live shows of big world known artists like Angie Stone, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, R. Kelly, Shakira, Tyga, Jeremih and many more.
MC Aries has his own weekly radio show at Royal Radio called 'Bomdiggity' where DJ Smash was the DJ.
DJ Smash (Parker) once started by playing his brothers records at a young age, he frequently practiced on the "Bose" Turntables. One day he understood the turntable completely and he was inseparable with the turntable. He experimented with different music styles: Classical music, Drum and Bass, Hiphop and Hardcore. He experimented with all genres.
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