Steffie Ditzel (foto)
NaamSteffie Ditzel
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepenDobble & Stiften
Genresdeephouse, minimal, techhouse, techno
partyflock steffiie (16 mei 2014)
I could have never imagined that something as personal as my music would be able to make people dance. Music is my way of expression, my way of clearing my thoughts and my way of giving in to my emotions. The fact that something that personal can inspire others touches and affects me.'

That pretty much sums it up for Utrecht-based producer / live act Steffie Ditzel. What started out as a means of time killing grew into a pleasing way of pleasing others. Feeling perfectly comfortable at the stage and inviting all attendees to join in with her characteristic smile, Steffie Ditzel takes you on a trip evolving around her personal experiences and emotions.
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Stelde helemaal niet teleur in de Poema vnvnd! Waardige opener voor Cari & Jochem! O:)