Orphan (foto)
NaamDemis Haneveer
FunctieDJ, producer
AliasDemis H
Orphan, also known as Demis in normal life, became very popular in the Netherlands in the nineties and made numerous TV appearances on Dutch TV. Demis scored a hit with the cd single: Ga Dan in the Nineties. His singing carreer came to an end when his voice broke.

During his singing career in the nineties, Demis was a real fan of hardcore music (now called Early Rave). He bought some vinyl turntables at the age of 14 and learned himself to mix vinyl records in his bedroom while watching Thunderdome VHS tapes. A little later he started a drive-in show with a cousin.
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Orphan is here to take over
DJ Sanderson en blonde krullebol
Harde Klap! altijd lekkere muziek en goeie mixjes! :respect:
Altijd feest als deze man in de buurt is! Repect _0_