Relize (foto)
NaamRelize Winish
FunctieDJ, producer
Genreshouse, latin
DJ Relize Already at a young age inspired in music. At age 5 he began making music with his hands on the table tapping, tapping at the windows, but anywhere. He has great love for music and so far it has never changed. The older he became more interested he is in music. At his age of 12 he began to produce beats and that appears to be successful in the Dance Tunes charts he got # 5 in the top 100.

Dj's support his music, he saw a movie on the internet how people enjoy and dance to his music. Since then he wants to share his passion by being active as a DJ. He bought a DJ set and he went into practice. He has repeatedly been at big clubs, quite popular at youth events.

We can expect many of these energetic DJ.
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