foto Rayden
NaamJorge Ribes Gadea
Lid van groepenDirty Bastards & Hardcore España
Leeftijd41 - 42


Jorge aka Rayden was born in Spain in 1980. On 2004 he started his professional musical career as resident dj of one of the most important hardcore clubs in Spain, Manssion club. After 4 years of total dedication followed by many releases in several Spanish labels, 2008 was the year of the next step,Rayden releases his first E.P outside Spain and joins the famous italian label Hardcore Blasters. As time goes by Rayden grows in each release getting several positive feedbacks from major artists, in 2012 arrives "Crucified" his first videoclip which reached thousands of views within a few days...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 28 mei 2016: Dirty Bastards, Central Rock, Almoradi
28 januari 2012
Foto's, Fucking Bastards, 28 januari 2012, Crystal Venue, Culemborg

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Tha Hardstylist
nice tracks.­!!! SACRIFICE kicks ASS.­!!!!
a spanish senor who plays his own style: hardcore!
¡¡¡¡¡Muy bien piwi!!!!! Esta noche (nochevieja) fiestón en manssion!! Ahí estaremos,jajaja
Wat een helden producties!
Things are bad kk master (L)

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Yo finally a new profile!
Now everyone can find this awesome Dj, Forget Da Violence!!!
Unfortunately I can't go to MOH, I am not at home than...:(
zowie zo al beter dan die gare javi boss :(
hoorde ik gelijk aan de tracks....
If you keep making tracks the way you do now, you will make it to the top :)
damn good liveset at masters!:respect:
Forget Da Violence op 2

Things Are Bad dikke 1 (L)
:respect: the experience :respect: that's the way hardcore should be!!!!
nice work yesterday with dyprax @fucking bastards :D