4 april 2024
NaamRalph Knobloch Freund
Functie14 × live act, DJ
Lid van groepMelting Point
HerkomstZwitserland Zwitserland
Genresgoa, psytrance


Having started in 1994 as a producer and DJ, Ralph founded the project Rastaliens together with his friend Jay. In 2003 they released the album Xplore The Wild Side on BooM! Records. At the same time he moved to Switzerland with his wife and decided to start his own project called Braincell. His first album Universal Language was released in 2005, which was followed by an impressive string of releases on various compilations and major labels. Two years after his debut, his second album Transformation of Reality came out. The last Rastaliens album, Back on Earth, was released in 2007. One year afterwards, Braincell's third album Frequency Evolution was released on Glowing Flame Records and in 2010 his fourth album Intelligent Being came out on Free Spirit Records. These cd's were followed by several releases on various compilations. The 5th album was released back on 'BooM! Records' and the 6th album will be released on 'Blue Hour Sounds'.

Uitgaansagenda Braincell

Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 6 april 2024: Psychedelic Rave, Now&Wow, Rotterdam


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