Thomas Azier (foto)
NaamThomas Azier
Functielive act
Genrespop, techno
Hailing from Berlin with an uncompromising, dark and broody electronic pop sound, Thomas Azier is set on making his own impression on the music world. In 2012, he released two EP's, Hylas 001 and Hylas 002, on his own label Hylas Records / BMG, which, amongst other things, led to a tour with Woodkid and Stromae, and a worldwide record deal with Universal Music France (Island France / Mercury Music Group). Azier planned to release an EP trilogy, but Hylas 003 grew into a proper album. This debut – simply titled Hylas – will be released early 2014 and comprises all of the meticulous work he's done to develop himself musically over the last five years.
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