foto Deterrent Man
NaamLorenzo Barretta
FunctieDJ, live act, producer
Genresdarkcore, industrial hardcore, speedcore, terror


Lorenzo "Deterrent Man" is one of the best Italian Terror artists due to his violent tracks like "Terrorlution, La Guerra Più Totale, 909 Bullfighter, Speedcore Al Chiaro Di Luna,etc". Born in Rome (Italy) and he started to study music at age 9 using an easy sequencer as "Sound Studio Pro" then move on to another program named "Propellerhead Reason". He released initially on a Net Free Label called "RSK Production (NL)" but the first important release in vinyl was on Megarave Records with his brutal remix of "Partyraiser - Harder Dan De Rest" played by the most important hardcore dj in the best parties of the world and ranked in the top on Hardtunes...

Uitgaansagenda Deterrent Man

Harmony of Hardcore 6 muziek · Warm-up Mix · Dr. Terror · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 6 (40:58)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Deadly Guns · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 5 (31:26)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Amnesys · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 4 (32:43)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Maissouille · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 3 (29:41)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Rob · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 2 (39:31)
muziek · Warm-up Mix · Gabber Syndrome · Harmony of Hardcore · 2022 (29:44)
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