Giancarlo (foto)
NaamGiancarlo Zijler
Lid van groepCvtfish
partyflock GIANCARLOO (2 mei 2010)
Giancarlo is a born and raised DJ from Amsterdam with his ultimate sense for music to the outside world is no secret. Inspired by three good friends the 'filthy jerks" his intrest began to grow for the profession.
He was advised to take a 3 month course and he did this with extraordinary results. He began to spin in the H & M store in Amsterdam and was discovered 
by the organisation KNUS.

He started his debut at Supperclub Cruise and has made it to sold-out venues like Escape and SoundDivers. He was several times the opening act for big names like Ryan Marciano and Sunnery James and Chuckie in the Escape, Amsterdam.
It is clear that Giancarlo and his turntables are inseparable.
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