Geoff Da Chef (foto)
NaamGeoff Wainwright
DJ Geoff Da Chef - Hardcore Fiend
Geoff Wainwright was born in Australia in 1969, beginning his DJ career in 1988 and established his own production label — Blown Records in 1994. His work has featured on: Cen-Core, Blown, Violent, Atomic Hardcore, Old Rope and many compilations.
Based in Sydney, his musical career started in 1988 in the clubbing scene and was an established DJ in the Taxi Club under the name Geoff Kay, later becoming a resident DJ at The Orient Hotel in The Rocks playing Acid-House. Involved in the Sydney Rave Scene since 1993, he was the first to drop Speedcore and French-Core in Sydney. during the late 90s he became the promoter and a regular DJ for the infamous Underground Distortion Parties...
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13 opmerkingen

Bonehead (Sam) Is still getting records from you wich he bought from you.­
I don't know if its a failure from the postoffice or whatverer.­

But id like to se him getting his records (even if i have to pay for it)
Cause i like you 2 too much you know...­

Best Regards,

The Engineer.­
Hey man i think you make the most awesome music !!!!!!!!!!!
It's so brutal i can listen to that all my life.........­
Noise ! :P
Enter dimension Called the Twilight zone :respect:
Seek just !
Quick Cold One op Blown 004 :)