G-spot (foto)
FunctieDJ, MC
Genreship hop, latin, oldschool, r&b, reggaeton, urban
Already for many years now he's been part of the RnB/HipHop-Club-Scéne. This Dj from Antwerp already did clubs & parties all over Belgium and is looking for more challenges & crowds to concure.

Let me introduce you to the story how it all begun.
First of all, off course his name catches attention and questions but gots his own defenition.

G-SPOT stands for the highest level of pleasure and satisfaction he gets from his music. He tries to share this passion with the crowd and set an antmosphere trough the speakers.

In 2001 he made his first touch with the turntables. With a hunger to learn and a passion for music he locked himself up with his music. When he came out of his cave his first steps into the dj-world were set.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 30 november 2018: Forever Funky, La Rocca, Lier
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