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NaamJames vande Walle


The non-bio of DeeJames.

Let's be clear. This is not a dj-bio. A dj-bio "goes a lil' sumtin' like this": fabulous dj X was born in year X, grew up listening to old records from oldschool artist X and started screwing around with his first Technics SL 1200's at the age of X. Starting out as a living room-dj, fabulous dj X continued on to being a resident of the infamous home-based X-parties, ending up as a headliner in the superduper X-club…. Bla and bla. This is not a dj-bio of that kind, and that's a promise. This is a life-story. A life-story, skipping the irrelevant stages of Deejames' life and starting at the essentials. Here goes.

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