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foto Gixxer
NaamJarno Tanke
FunctieDJ, live act
AliassenJarno Tanke, Kat7 van de Panet
Lid van groepClaps74
Gixxer (Jarno Tanke) was born in Hengelo in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Being raised with a lot of focus on music, and after playing multiple instruments for years from the drums to a piano he started making electronic music at the age of 24. His passion for Techno music became bigger and bigger and so his first gig with vinyl was a fact. But vinyl has his restrictions and he decide to play full digital with Traktor pro and Ableton / Maschine. Now with several gigs behind him like "Fantasy Island festival, TWIDL XL, PUUR, Pedro Pico pop, and many more he's able to take you through a mindblowing music trip with his sets. So stay tuned for Gixxer and his raw and energetic Techno sound!
*For booking go to [url]www.twidl...
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Party agenda Gixxer
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 22 maart 2019: TWIDL, Recklezz, Enschede
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[A.­V.­I]Artcore Gangsta
:respect: man
Hoorde je de eerste keer bij Twidl; was verslavend...:-)
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Zeer dope al die spullen van je.­ Lekkere tunes zeg

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