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Genresdrum & bass
SiteSite drumandbass.cz/dj/pixie
The member of T2B, Prague drum'n'bass soundsystem, began DJing in 1999. Techno, his initial interest, was shortly swapted for drumandbass. In 2002 he met DJ Wash and others from freshly founded T2B soundsystem. Together they have turned this unknown crew into the one of the most popular and demanded czech drum'n'bass soundsystems. Lately they were joint by another top figure of czech dnb scene, DJ Suki. T2B promote parties in the whole country and run also their own regular parties in Prague. The well known Jungle dnb session which takes place in the Cross club belongs to the most favourite dnb nights in Prague...
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held!! wereldberoemd in tsjechiŽ!!

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Een van de beste DnB DJs!