Menace (foto)
NaamMiguel Mijnals
Genreship hop, house, r&b, reggaeton, urban
partyflock DJ MENACE (17 mei 2010)
Now here's a name to remember, DJ Menace. This charming young man from Rotterdam, started his career at the age of 15. He went to parties where DJ's were doing their thing at the turntables. He heard different kinds of music mix together and he saw the DJ hyping up the crowd with music, this fascinated him and made him wanting to do the same. He didn't have the money to buy equipment, so he started going to a local community centre every day after school till 10 o'clock at night practicing the turntables. He learned fast, people started noticing his skills and invited him to spin on house parties. He met dj's who are big in the scene nowadays, like dj chuckie in the early 90's and the partysquad in 1998 This set the base of his career...
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