NaamGeoff Wright
Genresdrum & bass
Internet, radio, and nightclub DJ, event promoter, record label owner and artist mentor, Geoff Wright aka DJ Presha's list of accomplishments and roles within the music industry are immense. Even more impressive is that he has been a forerunner in each of these disciplines, firmly entrenching himself within the sonic architecture of drum and bass culture worldwide.

Through his Samurai Music / Samurai Red Seal record labels, his many radio shows over the years, club sets, & events promotion companies, Presha has served as a guiding hand in the growth and development of the New Zealand scene and has assisted heavily in establishing the International export of artists such as Tokyo Prose, State of Mind, TREi, and Dose amongst others.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 28 oktober 2017: Westfest, The Royal Bath & West Showground, Bristol
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