foto Cosmic
FunctieDJ, MC
Lid van groepVibestr DJ Team
Geboortedatum20 december
Genreship hop, house, r&b, urban
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  • Deejay Cosmic


Cosmic have seen a lot of come and gos,ever since he started as a Dj,almost 15 years ago! It was just for fun he recalls and today looking back at his career,he realizes that none of this would have been possible without his love for the music! Creator and co-founder of the lateSupreme team,Cosmic was the man behind the Supreme team Djs US tour in 1999,where they realised every Djs dream,by playing in the best clubs of New-york,they are remaining to this day,the only European Dj team to ever tour in New-york city finest clubs! From 2000,Cosmic started to bring the best live shows from US artists

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 21 februari 2020: We Love Paris, La Rocca, Lier
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